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Cakes and Cookies Maker and Decorating Supplies Kit. Donuts and Churrera Churro Maker Machine. With 3 Free Recipes

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  • MACHINE DEVELOPED FOR EASY USE - We are concerned on developing a modern and durable product and satisfy your culinary skills. Prepare the best churros, donuts and biscuits to your beloved ones.
  • 24 PIECES FOR A COMPLETE SET – The Churro and Cookies maker includes 2 plastic tubes, 1 filling applicator, 8 lids, 10 spouts, 1 cookie maker, 1 rubber ring and 1 diffuser. The applicator tube fits Wilton brand nozzles.
  • MODER AND FRESH DESIGN – Our Churro maker comes in white and yellow color. Clean and beautiful.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Simply separate the tube (piece 20) from the impeller by unscrewing it and for washing, use mild soap and water. Do not lubricate the handle (piece 24), just dry it.
  • 3 RECIPES INCLUDED – Try our favorite recipes for Churros, Lemon and Chocolate Biscuits.